Thursday, October 28, 2010

October 8th-Hot Rolling Girl =)

I totally forgot I had hot rollers. I initially got them out for Josey, but thought I'd try them in Liv's hair. I think it turned out cute, but I still love her natural curls =)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Awww...feeding the baby....

Liv, feeding her baby doll. The outfit the baby doll is wearing, Liv wore when she was an itty bitty baby =)

We were SUPPOSED to be taking a walk....

I bring the stroller for Liv because walking up to the park can get long for her (Jake had his bike, but my friend Michele's daughter was riding it because, well, you can see where Jake wanted to be...) I ended up pushing Jake AND Liv home lol

I need to create a blog just about my children's weird sleeping habits...

Liv was wanting to sleep on the floor. Again, I went to do the final night check, and this is how I found Liv...half under the bed, half not...

Sept 10th-Biker Babes!

We were on our way to Idaho, and stopped in Prairie City. In Prairie City, there's a cool covered wagon replica. We pulled over and let the kids run around and stretch. While we were running around, some bikers pulled up. Of course, Jake was on them like white on rice. They were so cool. They let Jake and Josey get on their bikes to sit. Liv was busy entertaining the other bikers. While I was taking the older kid's pics, I could hear the other bikers laughing and laughing. Apparently Liv was telling jokes lol.

Girl in a tote!

I went to go check on Liv in the playroom. She somehow managed to shove herself into a small tote and was watching TV. Funny, funny kid...

He's such a funny kid....

So, I went to check on Jake to make sure he was asleep, and this is what I walked in on. His snow boots, on the railing of his bed. He's such a trip....

It's Soccer Season!

And BRRRR! It was a cold one this year!

Where's the ball, Jake???
He's on it!

I love this shot! He was jumping up to attempt to make a goal.

And Jake, cuddling up to Josey, during one of the times he wasn't playing.

Monday, August 30th-First Day of School

We moved Jake to the private Christian school in town. They start a week earlier than public school. So far, Jake loves it! Josey's been going since Kindergarten. Look at how cute they look =)