Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thursday, May 13th-Sleeping Beauties

Josey decided to stay over. She wanted to sleep with Liv. I laugh, because both of my children are like sleeping with human hurricanes. It's almost impossible to share a queen with them, let alone a twin. So, I walked in to check on them, and this is how I found them.

Tuesday, May 11th-Where's Livvie?!?!?!

Liv had an obsession with sleeping on the floor. Apparently she rolled under the bed sometime during the night LOL

Monday, May 10th-A Fun Drive Home

Going into the abyss
Ahh...Fun...(this isn't even the worst of it)
I knew we were in for it, when we were sitting in the Black Bear Diner in Shasta City, and it started snowing. I figured, heck, that can't be good-and it wasn't. I'm thankful for DVDs (to keep the kids quiet) and lots of gum (Which I chew when I'm stressed) It wasn't as bad as it could've been, but 100 miles of white knuckling it is not fun.

Sunday, May 9th-Happy Mother's Day!

Heather and I
Jake, Mom, me, Liv

Jake (giving thumbs up, go figure lol) Julia, Colton, Liv, Caitlyn, Mom, Dad, Sarah D. (and we're sadly missing Kristina and Kayden!)

John, Heather, Mom, Me (Just missing Todd!!!)

Heather, Mom, Me

Heather, Mom, Me, Patsy (Missing Ms Kelly!)

When we were in CA, we stayed an extra day to spend Mother's Day with the Fam. We had a great time, despite the rain that attempted to come down and "rain on our parade" lol.

Thursday May 6th/Friday May 7th-Hangin' With The Cousins

Liv and Caitlyn @ the park.

Julia and Livvie

Sarah, Jake, Julia, and Livvie.
When we went to Cali, the kids got to hang with their cousins. They were all looking forward to hanging out together (or, as it would be, playing their DS's together) It's always fun to get the kiddos together (and us big kids, too!!!)