Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Friday, May 7th-Tramolining

John and Patsy have a trampoline. I have to admit, I had a pretty good time on it, too. Jake and Liv loved it. We had to play "popcorn". Of course, I was the one who had to make them pop. Pretty easy when you out weigh your children by ALOT lol ;-)

Jake, copying me.

Not too bad for an old broad! =)

Thursday, May 6th-Water Fun @ Uncle John & Aunt Patsy's!

We went to California for 5 days to visit John, Patsy & the kids, plus Heather, Alex and the girls. It was nice enough on Thursday for the kiddos to get in the pool (notice I say kiddos. It was 77, and windy. Still too cold for this old bag to get swimmin')

Swamp thing Livvy

The kids would go from the pool to the hot tub. Ahh, the memories...I used to do the same thing when I was younger =)

Pretty soon you won't need that life jacket, Jake!!

Ah, this is the life....

Tuesday, May 4th...She's a Beauty...

One of Liv's many faces. The song from the Tubes "She's a Beauty" comes to mind when I see this. She's such a trip!

Monday, May 3rd...Let's Get Physical, PHYSICAL...

Liv insisted on putting on her headband herself. The result? A mini Olivia Newton John from her notorious 1980s Physical Video. Though, personally, I think MY Liv is cuter. Wouldn't you agree?!?!?!