Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And when you get a new loft bed, what's the first thing you do??

Why, it's go over the side, of course!! Apparently, I can't leave Josey and Jake alone anymore ;-) (she's the camera woman lol)

Going off the edge:
Jake to Josey "HELP ME!" lol

Ahhh, I'm back!!

Me? *sigh* that's what I said when I downloaded these pics. I guess I should be thankful he didn't fall on his head or anything...

Tuesday, March 30th-Jake's New Bed!

I was going to buy Jake a new bed because the one he had was falling part. I started looking at loft beds, because Jake desperately wanted a desk in his room, and there wasn't any room for one, so I figured the loft bed would be the way to go. They were so expensive, then Brett said he could easily make one. I think, in total, this cost about $125, plus it's handmade. You can't beat that with a stick ;-). Jake adores it. He's already got his desk filled with legos. I bought him a bunch of stuff for his desk (pens, etc) so he could also do all his workbooks that he loves to do there.
View from the door:
View going up the ladder:

Monday, March 29th-Like Father, Like Son.

except for the mouth breathing part...Jake, unfortunately, gets that from me.

Wednesday March 24th-A Visit to High Desert Musuem

We went to kid's day @ the High Desert musuem last week. The kids had a blast, though Jake was getting over a cold, and Liv was just starting some weird virus thingy (though, after giving her motrin, she INSISTED on going since it was reptile day and she loves reptiles-I think, much to Hank's dismay lol) so they were both more tired than usual. They got to see lizards, spiders, turtles, eagles, a porcupine, all kinds of snakes, etc (yes, I am aware some of them aren't reptiles LOL ;-) ) They even saw a new sea otter that HDM aquired. He was sleeping, so we didn't get to see him in action.

Liv, looking thru the tube in the park area, looking for Jake.

I love this pic of Jake. He looks so cute!!

A semi decent pics of the kids posing in front of the Eagle statue. You should see some of the out takes (though, in my house, there are always out takes lol)

Me and the kiddos.

My sweet boy

Jake, building a paper snake.

Liv, her newest "I don't want to smile for a picture" face, making a paper snake.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Really, Jake??

Jake's been at tennis camp this week. He decided to put his tennis racket up to his head, and ask another boy to hit it with a ball. Of course, he prefaced it by saying, but not hard. Of course, the boy being a boy, decided to take the ball and smash it into Jake's face. So, he's left with a mark on his forehead and what looks like a soon to be black eye. It's difficult to have sympathy when kids do these things. I mean, really, what did you think was going to happen?!?!?!

Liv and her "stuffed" animals

Liv has found a joy in those sponge animals in the capsules that you put in the tub and let them dissolve. She carries them around the house, and insists on a couple each time she gets in the tub. Jake had an obsession with them as well, so it's cute to see her do the same. She talks to them, creates stories, etc. She calls them stuffed animals. I was confused at dinner the other night when she said she wanted to take her stuffed animals in the tub with her. I told her stuffed animals don't belong in the tub, they'll get ruined. She looked at me so funny, until it dawned on me what she was talking about LOL

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Players of the Tank

So, when Jake turned 7, Hank and I bought him some fish. Well, I went to the store intending to buy a fish or two, and came home with 2 frogs, 2 goldfish, 1 snail, and a Betta. 1 of the goldfish met it's demise (not on my watch, I might add!) and somehow, Liv's baby dwarf frog *ahem* disappeared a couple of weeks ago (yes, this one on my watch) Now, initially, I thought Happy, the snail, was gross. Couldn't stand to watch him work the tank. But lately, he's grown on me. He keeps the tank clean, and he's way cool to watch. He's grown a ton, too, since we got him. I didn't realize how much until we got a new snail (who's named Sunny-he's mine lol)

So, I thought it was time to name the players of the tank:

This is McQueen (who used to have Lightning as a buddy but well, he's no longer with us. RIP Lightning!) He's the fish I wish knew how to wipe himself. He's constantly swimming the tank with a long strand of poop hanging out, and it drives me bonkers.

This is Sunny, the blue mystery snail, and Happy, the golden Mystery Snail. Happy was the same size as sunny when we first got him!!

This is Jake's frog, Coji. Not sure where Jake got the name. Coji has been alittle angry since we got the new frog, so he's been hiding out instead of jumping around the tank lol.

This is Liv's new and improved frog, Princess (hopefully they are of the same sex because I do not want any baby frogs)

Here's Henry, the instigator, intimadator, bully-you name it, that's Henry. He loves to bully the snails mainly. I believe the snails are lovers and not fighters. Happy just drops off the side of the tank when Henry attempts to bully. I find myself yelling at Henry often (as if he can hear me. I'd like to believe he can, since he stops almost everytime I say his name-just call me the fish whisperer lol)

And this is a cool pic of Happy that I took. He's a cool looking dude lol. I thought I'd have to put different shells in as he grew, but apparently his shell grows with him.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday, March 13th-To the Sportsman Show We Go!

We went to the Sportsman's Show Saturday. We figured the kids would dig it because they got to paint a duck decoy and fish. As soon as we told Liv she would be able to fish, she was on it all the way. Once we got to the trout pond, Liv kept making me let go of her rod. She didn't want any help. I kept trying to tell her if she happened to catch one, she'd lose her rod, but she's pretty stubborn (wonder where she gets it from?!?!?!) Jake had a blast, too. Neither one caught one, but they still had fun =)

Liv, pulling on my shirt while waiting for Picasso Jake to finish his decoy.

Jake's decoy took alot of time and effort. I swear he eyed it for 5 minutes, invisioning the paint job before he did it lol. It was cute, though. He did a pretty good job! (this is when he was starting his duck) Isn't he so handsome???

Liv, on the other hand, wasted no time slapping the paint on LOL. Look at that cheeky smile!

March 12th-Family Movie Night!

We decided to rent a movie, make some popcorn, and cuddle on the floor for a movie. We rented "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" The kids loved it. We had a great time, and I think it will become a regular attraction =) Liv is desperate to see Princess and the Frog, but there's talk of red eyes in there, and I'm not sure I am ready to open that can of worms LOL. Liv's been obsessed with "red eyes" for a couple of months. She comments on "red eyes" being on the side of the road. Hank tried to tell her the red eyes were happy animals-bunnies, deer, etc, but I'm still not sure she totally believes him lol. I've tried to explain it as well, but you know. She's 3, and she's going to believe what she wants to believe LOL.

March 10th-Olivia writes her name!

OK, so she's been practicing, but she finally did it legible ( though I think she had help with the a because it doesn't quite look like the a's she writes) Usually, the L I V I are just lines lol. She's getting there!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday, March 8th-Crop Circles in Jake's room?

So, I walked into Jake's room to shut his light out (he fell asleep with it on) and I saw this. I about died laughing. Only Jake would do something like this in his room. He's such a crazy loon. I asked him the next day what it was. He said he was making a track for his race cars (if you make the pic bigger, you can see them at the tail end) But notice something else: His room is just about clean! He may have got some of Hank's genes after all! (cause clean wasn't my style at his age lol)

Sunday, March 7th--My Sweet Kids

The Sweet Faces
The Silly Faces
And the obligatory one of Liv attempting to poke Jake in the face lol

Need I say more???

Friday, March 5th-Look at those CURLS!

Liv had just woke from a nap. I couldn't get over how curly her hair looked! She's only had 1 trim. I'm so fearful the curls will go away. I hope they stay =)

This is what happens...

when you're 3 yr old finds the scissors. I'm just thankful she didn't think to cut her hair. The scissors are now put up higher than they were before.

Thursday, March 4th-Basketball Stud Jake

Making a shot!

Dribbling and keeping the boys at bay ;-)

Blocking his man and taking it serious!

Help! I'm surrounded!

Jake is getting so good at basketball. I'm really impressed with his progress. He actually looks like he knows what he's doing (and he loves it, which is a bonus lol)

Sunday, February 21st-Peaceful Sleep

How is it that they can wreck so much havoc when they are awake, but look like angels when they are sleeping???? (can you tell she likes books???)

February 19th-The Sick Princess

You can't tell by the big smile on her face, but Liv was sick with a cold (which, that weekend doubled as a fever, belly ache, etc, while with Hank). She wasn't feeling well, so I told her she could lay in bed and "read" some books. Jake came in later and decided to read to her. Isn't he sweet???

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February 18th-Soccer Foofs

Well, Liv is finally old enough to do something thru Parks n Rec. She's been dying to start playing soccer. She likes it alot, but doesn't like to take direction from me (and, as a parent, we are supposed to be out there, helping) Thankfully Jake's been thru 3 yrs of P n R soccer, so Coach Gina knows me well =) She gets Liv going and Liv listens to her much better than me lol. Doesn't she look cute??