Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday, July 3rd-Day 2, Crater Lake

This is a panoramic I took on the observation deck

Day 2 was definitely more promising than day 1. We woke to sunshine, blue skies, and most importantly, warm weather! We ended up going back up to Rim Village to check things out a bit more. Jake was totally in love with the room off the observation deck. It told all about how Crater Lake formed (it was a volcano that imploded). It didn't take Jake long before he was telling everyone all kinds of facts on Crater Lake LOL. He was so funny. We hung out around the campsite in the afternoon. I allowed the kids to finally play in the snow banks around our campsite because I wasn't fearful they would freeze to death. There were still a lot of campsites that were SNOWED IN. Yes, this is July, people.

This pic is alittle out of order, because I forgot to add it below, and it's a pain to move, so here it is...We were roasting marshmellows later after dinner. Liv didn't want to try one. I was trying to give her a taste and decided to be mean mom, and put it to her lips. She freaked out, as you can tell. Yes, I know, I'm out of the running for Mother of the Year. Blew that back in January-No worries here...

Ahh...Pure beauty!

I love this pic =)

Jake, climbing on some old tree trunk sticking up in the walkway.

The kiddos with Wizard Island behind them.

we went for a walk in our campground. This was snow on the side of the road. Craziness!

Jake and I playing pokerkeeno (notice the snow in the background and the fact that we're wearing shortsleeved shirts and a tank top LOL)

Liv, chillin'

Josey, standing in the snow, no shoes on.

Again, the kids with no shoes on. I take that back, Jake has no shoes, Liv does lol

Jake, "helping" Liv over the snow in our campsite. He SAID he was helping her, but what he was really doing was what I call "border collie-ing" or in layman's terms, forcing her to go his way no matter what because that's what he wants, not what she wants.

Want some snow, Mommy????

Now, this is the cabinet for the campers to put their food in...

We just used it to keep the kids in....

More snow, IN our campsite

Our campsite....

Yep, we were that close to FLUSHING toilets LOL

Our trailer =)

Friday, July 2nd-Day 1 at Crater Lake

SO, Brett and I decided to take the kids to Crater Lake for 4th of July weekend. Back when he and I discussed this (which was back in December) we knew the snow took a long time to melt up there, but I don't think we even considered the fact that there would still be THIS much snow. I, as usual, obsessed over the weather forecast. To say I was thrilled that it was going to be over 70 while we were there would be an understatement. The day before we left, it said that Friday would be partly cloudy, chance of showers, and 68 degrees. Not bad, right? So, as we're driving closer, we start seeing bits of snow on the side of the road, that increased the further up the road. To say I was panicking would be an understatement. All I kept rolling thru my head was, "the damn weather channel lied!" I saw all my hopes for this being a fun vacation slide right down the hill, the closer we got.

This was how it was looking when we were climbing up to get to the camp site. I wish I'd thought it thru more, so I could've brought their snow boots. As it was, I was wearing Flip Flops LOL
First glance @ Wizard Island on Crater Lake! Beautiful, but man oh man, the wind was blowing and it was FREEZING! You could see the sun trying to make it's presence known, to no avail.

Another cool shot of the sun trying to break thru...

We got out to take pics, and Liv decided playing in the snow would be a good thing lol

This was what we saw walking down to the observation deck @ Rim Village. And we were told this was GOOD lol

Later on in the afternoon, this is what we saw-Finally! Sun is out, and things are looking UP! Can you believe how blue the water is? It's unbelieveable.