Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 30th-Sledding!!!!

Jake's first trip down the hill!

Me and the kiddos

Me and Brett :-)

Jake, smiling after tubing

Liv, taking a rest after chasing after Jake lol

Me and my handsome boy =)

Me and Liv coming down the hill. It looks like she's falling off, but she's not lol

Jake, after going down hill. He decided to take a rest lol

Liv and Josey

Jake, being pulled by Brett for the first time. He loved it!

Josey, being pulled by Brett

Liv, all dressed up and bundled tightly. The day really wasn't that cold, which made it nicer to be out!

Brett and I decided to take the kids sledding today. We took Josey, her friend Megan, Jake, and Liv. Jake went sledding before, but only in our yard, so nothing fancy. Brett loaded up his 4 wheeler, and we went up McKay about 25 minutes and went sledding. The kids had a blast. At first, Jake didn't want to get out of the truck lol. He was scared. But, my baby took the sled and went up the farthest point, and went down, without anyone begging him to do it, etc. First thing he said when he got down was "Awesome!". Then he was hooked! Liv, just like her Mama, asbolutely loves the snow. She did face plants and didn't even care. When it was time to go, she asked why LOL. She's one tough cookie! That's my girl =) Josey and Megan had a good time, but they were done after about 45 minutes lol. They hung out in the truck and drank hot chocolate =)

January 27th-Ah, the Memories!

I found my old Crayola sleeping bag awhile ago. My sister and I had matching ones. We thought we were so cool. I had it stored away. Once I moved, I showed Jake. He went crazy! He loves it. He sleeps with it a couple of times a week. It's so sweet to walk in and see him in it. It brings back so many memories

January 24th-Dum Dum

There are a few things I'm pretty intolerant about-One of them is using any words that all boil down to one: stupid. I hate that word. Yes, I use it often to describe things, objects, etc, however, I rarely call someone stupid (unless they really, really deserve it lol) I don't like anyone calling me stupid, or any word that can boil down to stupid, and I refuse to allow my children to do it to others as well. Jake knows this. We've had many discussions on the subject. So, the other day, Jake was being feisty, and thought it would be funny to write "Dum Dum" on an appt slip. Because of that, he had to write "I will not say Dum Dum" 25 times. Of course, look closely @ the word "will". You can tell he just drew a line to make the "l"s lol He's such a turkey...