Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Little Ballerina

I put Liv into a 4 week ballerina/tap to see if she'd like it. She didn't actually like it. She LOVED it. So, needless to say, we'll hopefully be starting pre-tap here in a couple of weeks.

Look at that sweet smile...

and then she stuck her tongue out at Jake *sigh*

Following directions for once ;-)

listening intently...

Wednesday, August 25th-And She Finally Does it *sigh*

You know when you have these premonitions? You see things happening in your head, and you HOPE like hell they don't happen, yet, hours later they do? There are many times when I wish my "premonitions" were for good. Like, say, winning the lottery. I would love to envision some numbers, and use them to win some bucks, but alas, I'm stuck with premonitions of kids falling off things, and oh, a little girl cutting her hair *sigh*

So, hours before the "incident", Liv comes out of Jake's room, with Jake's handy dandy school scissors. In a FLASH, I see her chopping her hair. Oddly enough, right where she DID do it later. I looked at her and said, go put those back on Jake's desk NOW, and do not touch them again. That should be enough, right? Give the threatening look, they run screaming like you've burned holes in them, swearing they will never do another bad thing again-that look. Yep, in theory, it should work, but again, my children have this immunity to it, mostly. So, later that night, Jake and Liv are having a sleepover in Jake's room. All the sudden, Liv comes out of her room, with hair in one hand, scissors in the other, looking completely panicked, saying, "Momma, I didn't want long hair anymore, I didn't want long hair anymore!!!" I could've DIED! I am so thankful that Josey'd changed Liv's hair because if she hadn't, I'm sure Liv would've mohawked herself. Another blessing is that Liv has curly hair. She cut straight across below her left ear, so you couldn't hardly tell with the curls. I had my friend Jill fix her hair so it would be more even. We had to cut alittle off the length, but at least it looks better.

Monday, August 23rd...My Dirty Kids

So, the kiddos were outside in the plastic pool, having a great time. They got all quiet so I got up to see what they were doing. I opened the door to this:

Jake, attempting to bury Liv in the dirt. What made this all even better was the fact that they'd been in the pool and were already soaked. I didn't even bother getting upset and just let them go with it lol

Then, they switched..
ACK! At this point, there's no use saying anything. I had to hose them off before they came into the house to shower lol

Liv had dirt in places dirt should NEVER be allowed lol

Smile, Jakey! lol

Thursday, August 19th-Melanie & Theo's Wedding

The whole reason Catherine and I went to Canada was to attend Melanie & Theo's wedding. Even though there was a horrible inversion with a ton of smoke from the Kelowna fires, it was a fantastic day.
Catherine, Theo, Melanie, and me, after the wedding.

My girls =)
Melanie's son, Remy. Isn't he sweet???

Sunday, August 15th-Visitng Glacier National Park!!!

Catherine and I took a road trip to Canada to attend our friend Melanie's wedding. Along the way, we stayed at her friend Kelly's house. We were able to go to Glacier National Park. And, bonus? It was free national park weekend so we didn't have to pay the $25 bucks to get in (of course, we ended up paying it on the way back because we wanted to see the other side lol)

Beautiful butterfly
Me at Lake McDonald...
Loved this bridge!
Now Catherine was having back issues right before we left. TJ (Kelly's husband) decided to show her some yoga moves in the middle of the rocks =)

Beautiful Lake McDonald

Catherine, enjoying the scenery =)

Me, too! (You couldn't tell I had a migraine the size of Texas)

Now, you'd better watch out for the state of Idaho. I just may fall on you.

Catherine, Me, TJ--> look at that view!

The road to the Sun...VERY narrow. Can't imagine taking the mini van here lol

Saturday, August 14th-Meeting up with my childhood BFF

On my way to Canada, I was able to meet up with my childhood best friend, Christina, who lives in Rathdrum. We met up for a late lunch. It was so nice to be able to catch up again!

1st Week of August-The Chornicles of Jake's Dirty Room

So, Jake's room is always a disaster. For those who've grown up with me, they know and understand the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I've done everything to attempt to get Jake to clean his room-Threatening to take things away, etc. I finally got tired of it and said you know what? You're not coming out until it's clean. So, I started chornicling it daily. I piled everything into the middle of the room so it would make it easier on him, or so I thought...

Day 1:

Day 2:
Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

and I didn't take a picture of day 7 or day 8, but here's what happens when Nana comes over and rescues you:

She ends up helping you clean your WHOLE room!

Saturday, July 31st-A Trip to the Zoo!

Jake, Liv, and I met up with some Junebugs (from the June 2002 birthboard I've been a part of for years-Jake was due in June originally) I was able to meet up with Shay and her 3 children (they are from Massachusetts) and Claire with her 2 children (they are from Florida) at the Portland Zoo. We had a great time. There were 4 adults and 7 children. We were clearly outnumbered lol.

Jake, with the giraffes.
My two cuties

Jake, with Andrew (Claire's son)

I have a pic of Liv standing here when she was 18mths old as well.

Aww, isn't she cute???

All of us attempting to get a group photo.