Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday, March 8th-Crop Circles in Jake's room?

So, I walked into Jake's room to shut his light out (he fell asleep with it on) and I saw this. I about died laughing. Only Jake would do something like this in his room. He's such a crazy loon. I asked him the next day what it was. He said he was making a track for his race cars (if you make the pic bigger, you can see them at the tail end) But notice something else: His room is just about clean! He may have got some of Hank's genes after all! (cause clean wasn't my style at his age lol)

Sunday, March 7th--My Sweet Kids

The Sweet Faces
The Silly Faces
And the obligatory one of Liv attempting to poke Jake in the face lol

Need I say more???

Friday, March 5th-Look at those CURLS!

Liv had just woke from a nap. I couldn't get over how curly her hair looked! She's only had 1 trim. I'm so fearful the curls will go away. I hope they stay =)

This is what happens...

when you're 3 yr old finds the scissors. I'm just thankful she didn't think to cut her hair. The scissors are now put up higher than they were before.

Thursday, March 4th-Basketball Stud Jake

Making a shot!

Dribbling and keeping the boys at bay ;-)

Blocking his man and taking it serious!

Help! I'm surrounded!

Jake is getting so good at basketball. I'm really impressed with his progress. He actually looks like he knows what he's doing (and he loves it, which is a bonus lol)

Sunday, February 21st-Peaceful Sleep

How is it that they can wreck so much havoc when they are awake, but look like angels when they are sleeping???? (can you tell she likes books???)

February 19th-The Sick Princess

You can't tell by the big smile on her face, but Liv was sick with a cold (which, that weekend doubled as a fever, belly ache, etc, while with Hank). She wasn't feeling well, so I told her she could lay in bed and "read" some books. Jake came in later and decided to read to her. Isn't he sweet???