Sunday, May 2, 2010

Monday, April 26th: Sleeping on the Floor Part 2

I went to check on Jake the other night, and this is what I found-Funny enough, he cares so much about his stuffed animals, that they got more floor space than he did LOL He jammed himself into the corner. For some odd reason, he likes that.

Monday, April 19th-Ms Model

I bought a dress for Liv to wear to my neice's First Holy Communion. I adore it! Livvie posed just like a model in the 2nd picture. So cute =)

Saturday, April 17th-Visiting Grandma & my very pregnant friend, Jennifer

My friend Erin and I went to ID to bring some baby stuff to my friend, Jennifer, and I spend a little time with my Grandma. Erin and I had a great time-The weather was goregous (and a far cry from what we were living in) We really enjoyed ourselves all the way around. Erin and I were kid free, and we were able to see Jennifer for the first time in almost a year. Grandma looked great, though she's having troubles getting along now. It was a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 13th...Kid in the Closet

Literally...not figuratively ;-) Went in to check on Liv for the night. Walked in her room and was shocked to see her NOT in her bed. She decided sleeping on the floor is a fantastic idea (see previous post on sleepover) I panicked for a second, because I couldn't find her. I had no idea she'd be on the floor. I picked her up and put her in her bed. Went to get her in the am...she was on the floor again. The next night? Same thing...I gave up. IF you want to sleep on the floor, more power to you. There are so many things to fight over, this one is a battle I don't care to have lol

Monday, April 12th-Jake's first Coach Pitch Game

Jake had his first coach pitch game today. He did AWESOME! 2 for 2. The only problem I can see, is that he tends to hit the first ball out. He needs to learn some patience ;-) Other than that, the kid has some hand/eye coordination to die for! I wish that I had it as good NOW, as he does. As you can see by the pictures, the day started off sunny and warm. We were running around with no jackets, sunglasses, and having a great time. By the time the game was almost over, we had jackets, scarves, hats, gloves on. It was amazing to me, but typical for Central Oregon, at how quickly it all came about.

Easter (April 4th) Mmmm....Olives....

Going back alittle...Liv has decided she has a new love: Olives. Specifically, black olives. If you let her, she'll eat a whole can. Like every kid, she loves to put them on her fingers, and eat them off. Isn't she cute?!?!?!

Saturday, April 10th: Party in Jake's room!

SO, since Jake got his loft bed, he's been wanting to make a tent. So, I decided the kiddos could have a sleepover in Jake's room (which sprialed into them wanting to sleep on the floor nightly, but you'll see that in another post lol) The kiddos ended up watching a movie and falling asleep. It took them FOREVER to fall asleep. Actually, I think Liv watched the movie, and Jake played his DS lol.

April 9th: Bouquet from my Babies

The kids had a day off from school, and it just so happened to be nice outside, so I was able to send them to play. All the sudden, they kept coming in, telling me they were picking me some BEAUTIFUL flowers. I didn't have the heart to tell them they were weeds. They'll figure it out when they get a home of their own, and they're on the ground, with their weed picker thingy, grumbling about how they seem to multiply almost hourly. Until then, I will let them live blissfully unaware =)

April 2nd-Coloring Easter Eggs

Jake, spinning eggs like Picaso (yet again lol)

Showing off what he made

Liv, really intent on painting a good egg.
We went to decorate eggs. I didn't pay attention to what I bought, and realized, to my horror, it was paint on, instead of the regular ol' vinegar and die tablet in water deal. To my surprise, the painting of the eggs went very, very well. The kids enjoyed it alot, and so did I! The clean up was easy, and the eggs turned out great =)