Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday, July 1st-Jake attempts to wear my roller blades...

Jake's become slightly obsessed with my roller blades. They are in my closet and he always tries to put them on and wear them. Brett and I were across the street, talking to the neighbors and all the sudden, here comes Jake, in his boxers, wearing my roller blades. The poor kids tries and tries, but gets no where. I had to chase him into the house (without the roller blades on mind you) so he didn't break anything before we left for Crater Lake LOL

Saturday, June 26th-Parade Day!

This is why I love my town. The shut down 3rd Street (the "Main" road going thru town) for the parade they have for the Crooked River Round Up (ie the big event-The Rodeo lol) I just love the fact that they do these kinds of things. You don't find that too much anymore.

The kiddos, waiting patiently for the parade to start

Waving at the horses

Me and my boy =)

So, afterwards, we decided to go to the park, where they had a festival, live music, etc, for the kids. Jake and Liv had fun, but were ah...alittle crazy. Can you tell?

Liv and her friend, Sammy, were rocking out to the live music lol

Wednesday, June 24th-So...tired...can'

On my way home from picking Liv up from the sitter's, she fell asleep. Now, mind you, the sitter is literally 6 or 7 minutes from the house. Apparently she played very hard. She fell asleep 2 blocks from the house. I got her out of the car. She walked thru the garage, laundry room, then laid down right in the playroom. Why she grabbed the table, I have no idea, but I find it mildly amusing.

Thursday, June 10th-My Mud Puddle Girl

I was outside, talking to my neighbor across the street. Liv decided to join me outside. It had just rained, and Liv was insistent on playing in the mud. I figured she'd get bored quickly, but no...
I don't have a picture, however, I found myself yelling, "DO NOT DRINK THE PUDDLE WATER LIV!". I swear...*sigh*
Mixing the mud

Stomp, Stomp, Stomp....
Little does she know, her Mama was the same way growing up. It's still hard for me to resist puddles after a good rain =)

Wednesday, June 9th-Jake's Last day of 2nd Grade (and his first day of K, first day of 2nd)

Awww...a blast from the past...My baby's first day of Kindergarten. Look at how tiny he was!!!

And here's his first day of 2nd grade

and last day...

He's getting so big!!

Going Backwards...Wednesday, June 3rd-First/Last Day of Pre School

Here's Liv on the first day of Preschool...

And on her last...She grew so much!

Tuesday, June 8th-Someone does NOT know how to put her swimsuit on correctly...

So, it was warm, and Liv wanted to go outside in the sprinklers. Well, I gave her a swimsuit to put on (a 2 piece) and went about my business of hooking up the hose to the sprinkler. Liv came outside, with her top on as the bottoms, and looked very perplexed. She then looked up at me and said, "Mom, is this how it's supposed to go?" I seriously almost ate grass, falling over and laughing. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny. I got her all fixed up proper and she went on her way. She hasn't made that mistake since ;-)