Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And when you get a new loft bed, what's the first thing you do??

Why, it's go over the side, of course!! Apparently, I can't leave Josey and Jake alone anymore ;-) (she's the camera woman lol)

Going off the edge:
Jake to Josey "HELP ME!" lol

Ahhh, I'm back!!

Me? *sigh* that's what I said when I downloaded these pics. I guess I should be thankful he didn't fall on his head or anything...

Tuesday, March 30th-Jake's New Bed!

I was going to buy Jake a new bed because the one he had was falling part. I started looking at loft beds, because Jake desperately wanted a desk in his room, and there wasn't any room for one, so I figured the loft bed would be the way to go. They were so expensive, then Brett said he could easily make one. I think, in total, this cost about $125, plus it's handmade. You can't beat that with a stick ;-). Jake adores it. He's already got his desk filled with legos. I bought him a bunch of stuff for his desk (pens, etc) so he could also do all his workbooks that he loves to do there.
View from the door:
View going up the ladder:

Monday, March 29th-Like Father, Like Son.

except for the mouth breathing part...Jake, unfortunately, gets that from me.

Wednesday March 24th-A Visit to High Desert Musuem

We went to kid's day @ the High Desert musuem last week. The kids had a blast, though Jake was getting over a cold, and Liv was just starting some weird virus thingy (though, after giving her motrin, she INSISTED on going since it was reptile day and she loves reptiles-I think, much to Hank's dismay lol) so they were both more tired than usual. They got to see lizards, spiders, turtles, eagles, a porcupine, all kinds of snakes, etc (yes, I am aware some of them aren't reptiles LOL ;-) ) They even saw a new sea otter that HDM aquired. He was sleeping, so we didn't get to see him in action.

Liv, looking thru the tube in the park area, looking for Jake.

I love this pic of Jake. He looks so cute!!

A semi decent pics of the kids posing in front of the Eagle statue. You should see some of the out takes (though, in my house, there are always out takes lol)

Me and the kiddos.

My sweet boy

Jake, building a paper snake.

Liv, her newest "I don't want to smile for a picture" face, making a paper snake.