Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 24th-Dum Dum

There are a few things I'm pretty intolerant about-One of them is using any words that all boil down to one: stupid. I hate that word. Yes, I use it often to describe things, objects, etc, however, I rarely call someone stupid (unless they really, really deserve it lol) I don't like anyone calling me stupid, or any word that can boil down to stupid, and I refuse to allow my children to do it to others as well. Jake knows this. We've had many discussions on the subject. So, the other day, Jake was being feisty, and thought it would be funny to write "Dum Dum" on an appt slip. Because of that, he had to write "I will not say Dum Dum" 25 times. Of course, look closely @ the word "will". You can tell he just drew a line to make the "l"s lol He's such a turkey...

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