Sunday, January 17, 2010

Memorable Facebook Status Updates from the Week...

Monday, January 11th:

I think Liv is becoming very creative with her words. While at Hank's this weekend, she hit Jake. After being asked several times if she hit Jake, with her replying no, she finally said, "I didn't hit him. I pet him."

Tuesday, January 12th:

According to Jake, mistakes don't require punishment. Hmmm...Wonder if he's going into politics with Liv? ;-)

Wednesday, January 13th:

has to microwave frozen french toast sticks for Liv, only to put them back in the freezer to cool them down. Anyone else see the irony in that???

...needs to know what is wrong with my children. Seriously, are you THAT bored when you pee that you feel the need to bite the toilet paper roll??? (this is Liv)

...was pretty sure she was out of the "Mother of the Year" award, but it was solidified today when she forgot to get her youngest from pre school....

Went to get Josey because she was staying the night. Liv got into Josey's gluestick, except she didn't eat it. She thought it was chapstick and before I could stop her, she rubbed it all over her lips. Good thing it was non toxic!

Thursday, January 14th:

so, how is it that Jake can go in his room for 25 minutes, whining he can't find 1 of his shoes, yet, I go in, lift up 2 pairs of pants on the ground and find it right away?!?!?!?!

Friday, January 15th:

Loves getting a speeding ticket with both kids in the car, but what's even better? Listening to Jake yell from the backseat, "Mom, what did you do this time?" and Liv saying over and over again, "What the heck???" *sigh* Happy Friday...I need a drink...

Liv was helping me with laundry tonight. I was hanging some stuff up to air dry. She grabbed a pair of my underwear and said, "Whoa Mom! These are big! They must be yours!" Gee, thanks Liv...

I live such an interesting life =)

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