Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 7th...Playing in the Mud

Super Bowl Day...and my kiddos were more interested in mud than football. We had it on. It grabbed Jake's attention for about 5 minutes, then they both wanted to go play outside. I forgot about the mud in the corner. Of course, my children, being like me in some ways, migrated right for the mud. I looked out and before I could say anything, the kids were mixing mud soup in their little wheel barrel. They had a great time. Little do they know that spot is my garden spot and their mud pit will be gone by Spring. I will let them have their fun for now ;-)

Liv, before coming in the house. I made her strip at the door lol

getting mud for her mud soup.

Jake, forever posing, while mixing his soup lol

The grand mixer

Twisting in the mud

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