Thursday, February 18, 2010

Memorable Facebook Posts For February (so far lol)


Olivia apparently thinks syrup is a hand lotion...


I just realized I've been wearing my shirt backwards all day

Jake just informed me that inded, he can talk with his eyes closed! It's amazing! Yes ladies, that just goes to show some men CAN multi task!! :p

Jake also informed me that he's the teacher and everyone in this house has a new name. Apparently we are to answer to McWeenie. Lovely...


I can't believe I just told Jake, "You are not allowed to put any writing utensils in any hole in your body!" after watching him put a pencil in his ear and nose.

Jake said to me on the way home from school, "You know Mom, I love you so much, I sometimes feel my heart will break because of it." Ok, so seriously? What a heartbreaker! Watch out when he's a teen ladies, he's gonna be a smooth talker, I can see it already (we already have the 'talker' part down!)


So, Jake is yelling, "Ewww Liv, don't!" I walk into the bathroom. Liv has her head practically in the toilet. When I asked her what she was doing, she said she was watching her poops go down. Ahhh, I love my life lol


I want to know why there was a half eaten chicken nugget on the bathroom floor...


I want to know what possessed her 3 yr old to put 13, yes 13, pennies in her mouth. I mean, really??? Seriously??? *sigh*

also want to know what possessed her 7 yr old to create a character in his Mario Kart game called "bullshit". *sigh* Guess who got his DS taken away??


So, Jake is chatting with me on FB. Yep, he's like 11 feet from me, but yet, he has to chat with me lol. The best part? He's saying out loud what he's typing. He's so cute =)


Liv just handed me my bra and said, "Mommy, here's your big boobie boobie holder hee hee hee" Gee, thanks Liv. Of course, she had to hold it up to her chest as she was doing it lol

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