Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Players of the Tank

So, when Jake turned 7, Hank and I bought him some fish. Well, I went to the store intending to buy a fish or two, and came home with 2 frogs, 2 goldfish, 1 snail, and a Betta. 1 of the goldfish met it's demise (not on my watch, I might add!) and somehow, Liv's baby dwarf frog *ahem* disappeared a couple of weeks ago (yes, this one on my watch) Now, initially, I thought Happy, the snail, was gross. Couldn't stand to watch him work the tank. But lately, he's grown on me. He keeps the tank clean, and he's way cool to watch. He's grown a ton, too, since we got him. I didn't realize how much until we got a new snail (who's named Sunny-he's mine lol)

So, I thought it was time to name the players of the tank:

This is McQueen (who used to have Lightning as a buddy but well, he's no longer with us. RIP Lightning!) He's the fish I wish knew how to wipe himself. He's constantly swimming the tank with a long strand of poop hanging out, and it drives me bonkers.

This is Sunny, the blue mystery snail, and Happy, the golden Mystery Snail. Happy was the same size as sunny when we first got him!!

This is Jake's frog, Coji. Not sure where Jake got the name. Coji has been alittle angry since we got the new frog, so he's been hiding out instead of jumping around the tank lol.

This is Liv's new and improved frog, Princess (hopefully they are of the same sex because I do not want any baby frogs)

Here's Henry, the instigator, intimadator, bully-you name it, that's Henry. He loves to bully the snails mainly. I believe the snails are lovers and not fighters. Happy just drops off the side of the tank when Henry attempts to bully. I find myself yelling at Henry often (as if he can hear me. I'd like to believe he can, since he stops almost everytime I say his name-just call me the fish whisperer lol)

And this is a cool pic of Happy that I took. He's a cool looking dude lol. I thought I'd have to put different shells in as he grew, but apparently his shell grows with him.

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Andria said...

Dominic wants a "pet" for his birthday. He cared less for our dogs, although we made him get their food dishes and feed them. I'm contemplating getting a fish tank for him, but know it'd be me doing the maintenance. How often do you clean yours? I had one growing up. The snails, frogs and crabs were cool to watch. I didn't know you could put a betta in with other fish??? How are the funeral services for these creatures?