Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Liv and her "stuffed" animals

Liv has found a joy in those sponge animals in the capsules that you put in the tub and let them dissolve. She carries them around the house, and insists on a couple each time she gets in the tub. Jake had an obsession with them as well, so it's cute to see her do the same. She talks to them, creates stories, etc. She calls them stuffed animals. I was confused at dinner the other night when she said she wanted to take her stuffed animals in the tub with her. I told her stuffed animals don't belong in the tub, they'll get ruined. She looked at me so funny, until it dawned on me what she was talking about LOL

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Andria said...

Cute! And I bet they take up less room than the number and letter things that are currently stuck to the tiled wall around the bathroom. Liv's got quite the collection... I'm glad she's so "cheap" to entertain. LOL.