Monday, August 2, 2010

Crater Lake-Day 3-Sunday July 4th

Day 3 brought is alittle warmer weather, and a trip to Diamond Lake, and the head of the Rogue River. Jake went in the water just a tad, but Liv would have nothing to do with it. The water was FREEZING. Once you numbed your body, it felt good, but until then, brrrr! Josey went in, no problems, as always. She made me go out with her, much to my dismay. After we left Diamond Lake, we took a drive to the head of the Rogue River. We stopped at this little shop to get some ice cream. Brett had a Northern Industrial catalog in the back of the truck. Jake loved this thing! He circled all kinds of things, from nuts, to wrenches, etc. It was the funniest thing. When we got out to get the ice cream, Jake brought the book out with his pen. Brett and I went in to get the ice cream. I turned to check on the kids. Jake was sitting at the table, with all these 4 wheeler people surrounding him, while he pointed out all the stuff in the catalog, things he wanted to order, ETC. It was so cute! While we were eating our ice cream, Josey and Jake started messing around. Jake started chasing Josey, and Josey slipped and fell on the gravel. Initially it was funny (well, who am I kidding?? Karma...that's all I have to say) but she did scrape her leg pretty good. She recovered quickly, as all youngin's do.
Josey, the crazy nutball, in the water. That's the top of my head. I was sitting on the fallen tree, debating...

and here I sit on my perch...

Brett, sititng there, drinking a buckskin. It was too cold for him to even get in his shorts (which he doesn't do very often anyway lol)

Josey and Jake, giving thumbs up.

Josey and me, in the water-BRRRRRR

Miss Messy Face. Her nose was running and she kept wiping her face, getting dirt all over it. GAH!! It was gross.

Note to self: Never swim when there's still snow on the upper mountains. It's never a good sign.

Yep, that's my girl...picking her nose *sigh*

Part of the Rogue River

Awww...look at them!

I found this so amusing...

If you look closely, there is a mosquito on my thigh. They were the bane of our existence while we were @ Crater Lake. I swear they stalked us. At night, we'd go in to play games with the kids because the mosquitos were so bad. You'd look out the window and there they were, staring us down, daring us to step out of the trailer so they could bite us.

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