Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend of July 16th-A Trip to the Beach

Brett and I took a trip to Lincoln City. We took the trailer down there and parked it on his parent's lot there. Catherine ended up coming down on Saturday and joining us. We had a great time!!

Brett, holding my shoes. Now that's love!
Catherine walking and enjoying the ocean. It was quite windy, hence the hood.

Feet in the Pacific =)

Beautiful sun @ Pacific City

Yep, we ate at the Oar House lol.

On our way back from Pacific City. Glad I got this shot. By the time we made it back to Lincoln City, it was all fogged in. It's amazing the difference 10 miles makes!

A self portrait shot. You can tell by my hair it's seen better days, thanks to the wind :p

Some deer along the way =)

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