Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saturday, July 17th-Floating in the Crooked River

So, we took the kids to the upper Crooked River to go swimming for the day. I thought for sure Jake would be the chicken little of the bunch. Liv is usually the one that digs in and goes for it. Well, surprise, surprise! Jake got right in. He did SOOO well with his swimming! Liv stayed on the edge the whole time. She didn't want anything to do with going in the water. There were snakes in the water. I was totally cool and the gang with it, until they started dive bombing my feet later. I got the hell out of dodge then lol. I draw the line at dive bombing water snakes.
Here's one of the tiny snakes. Yes, they were tiny but let me tell you: When they are dive bombing your feet, they seem 7 feet long! lol
Jake, testing the waters.

Josey got right in BUT make me hold her the whole time. She was afraid she'd float down the river and wouldn't be able to get back LOL

And here I am, like I said, holding Josey's tube. Jake, on the other hand, was like Free Willy, floating without a care in the world (which, if you know Jake, is NOT like him lol) I guess I'd feel confident, too, if I had a life jacket AND a tube around my chest lol.

Liv, holding up the shore LOL

Me and Bretters =)

Me and Josey
Brett, in the tube. I had to get a picture because he doesn't normally A) put on shorts or B) go in the water, so this is a major feat.

So, Liv was hiding stuff in her swimsuit. I asked her what she was doing. She said she was gathering her super spy kit.
That would be a shovel, rake, and a stick lol

Jake, the master floater

Josey, spitting water out of her mouth. I just thought the picture was funny lol

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