Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sunday, July 18th--Hellllllo Hammy!

Meet Ms Hammy!! Jake got Hammy for his birthday from Nana and Papa. He originally named her Dragonoid from a Bakugan cartoon, but the nickname "Draggy" didn't fit her. I finally convinced him it wasn't a very feminine name, so we changed it to Hammy (ok, yeah, I know-NOT so feminine still, but better than Dragonoid lol) Now, Hammy puts up with Jake and me, however, she pees/poops on Josey everytime (I think she senses Josey is weirded out about those kinds of things) and bites Liv. Why does she bite Liv, you ask? That would be because Liv spent the first 2 weeks either A) poking her or B) blowing on her. Hammy knows her scent and bites her almost every time. So, Liv's come to leave Hammy alone. Well, not totally, but she's way better than she was.

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