Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday, August 25th-And She Finally Does it *sigh*

You know when you have these premonitions? You see things happening in your head, and you HOPE like hell they don't happen, yet, hours later they do? There are many times when I wish my "premonitions" were for good. Like, say, winning the lottery. I would love to envision some numbers, and use them to win some bucks, but alas, I'm stuck with premonitions of kids falling off things, and oh, a little girl cutting her hair *sigh*

So, hours before the "incident", Liv comes out of Jake's room, with Jake's handy dandy school scissors. In a FLASH, I see her chopping her hair. Oddly enough, right where she DID do it later. I looked at her and said, go put those back on Jake's desk NOW, and do not touch them again. That should be enough, right? Give the threatening look, they run screaming like you've burned holes in them, swearing they will never do another bad thing again-that look. Yep, in theory, it should work, but again, my children have this immunity to it, mostly. So, later that night, Jake and Liv are having a sleepover in Jake's room. All the sudden, Liv comes out of her room, with hair in one hand, scissors in the other, looking completely panicked, saying, "Momma, I didn't want long hair anymore, I didn't want long hair anymore!!!" I could've DIED! I am so thankful that Josey'd changed Liv's hair because if she hadn't, I'm sure Liv would've mohawked herself. Another blessing is that Liv has curly hair. She cut straight across below her left ear, so you couldn't hardly tell with the curls. I had my friend Jill fix her hair so it would be more even. We had to cut alittle off the length, but at least it looks better.

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