Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Really, Jake??

Jake's been at tennis camp this week. He decided to put his tennis racket up to his head, and ask another boy to hit it with a ball. Of course, he prefaced it by saying, but not hard. Of course, the boy being a boy, decided to take the ball and smash it into Jake's face. So, he's left with a mark on his forehead and what looks like a soon to be black eye. It's difficult to have sympathy when kids do these things. I mean, really, what did you think was going to happen?!?!?!

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Andria said...

Boys! Yes, really, what did you think was going to happen??? Dominic's favorite, after giving his brother a weapon... "Here, hit me in the nuts." Sound like Jake at all? I suppose there's hope in my other two boys for grandchildren some day. LOL.