Monday, July 5, 2010

Friday, June 4th-Camping Dilentment Lake day 1

Brett and I decided to take the kiddos camping for the weekend. Let me define MY type of camping: I need 4 things: The ability to wash my face, my hair, my *ahem* important parts, and cell service. I have that, I am Brett has a trailer, which gives me the ability to have the first 3 things on my list. It's obviously hit or miss as to whether or not I have cell service. Thankfully, I could text from Dilentment Lake, though it was hit or miss most of the time, which keeps the masses amused while I lay out my trials and tribulations of camping with my wee willy ones ;-)
Brett and I, before the madness. The kids starting going crazy right after this. It was pure madness.

and because it was pure madness, we dug into our stash...
Liv playing soccer =)
Josey and Jake, waiting patiently to go. Nice glasses, Josey!

Awww, me and my pretty blondie =) Her hair is getting so long!

Ahh...the giant marshmellow. They were HUGE!!

A nice picture. Normally one, or both, are making funny faces (usually Jake-Josey doesn't like to take bad pics :p )

Peace, at last. You have no idea...Friday night was bad. I don't think Brett and I had enough alcohol to survive the whole weekend with these crazy nutballs.

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