Monday, July 5, 2010

Saturday, June 5th-Dilentment Lake day 2

Day 2 started off way better than day 1. The kids played Battleship (which is way more sophisticated looking than the old version, but not made as well-shocking, I know) We had a pretty decent camp site, and NO MOSQUITOS!

We took Jake for his very first fishing trip. He was way excited. Josey and Brett fished, too. I sat back and enjoyed the scenery. Liv decided to go exploring. She thought the dead fish she found were cool. I'm just thankful she didn't decide to pick them up and play with them lol.
The kids, with their poles and tackle box, walking to go fishing. I had to call them back because it was too far to walk LOL

Josey, all hooded up, trying to fish. We never caught anything but had fun =)

Jake, trying his hand at it. He was more interested in throwing it out and reeling it in. Note, the beer by his feet is NOT his LOL.

Liv, helping "Grandpa Stan" reel in his fish. He caught 2 when we were there. He was just some guy, sitting on the dock, fishing in peace until we came along. Thankfully, he'd just had his grandkids there and didn't mind the intrusion.

When we got back, the kids were pretty insistent on going swimming in the lake. Seriously people, it was COLD! I think it may have been about 63 outside, but none the less, they were eager. We figured we'd let them get suited up and they would change their minds when they got down there. Little did we know they were tougher than we thought!

Josey, Jake, and Liv, all ready to go. Josey refused to pose with her life jacket on. Ahh, to be 12 again and care about that kind of stuff ;-)

Jake became a swamp logger overnight, apparently. He was loving these logs in the water. He and Liv stayed in the water long after Josey did. Of course, I had to stay down there, watching them, and freezing my backside off (though, there's enough to freeze off and still have some left over :p )

Jake, riding off into the sunset on his log LOL

Liv thinks everything is O.K. lol

Back at camp, I was loving that I had cell service, can you tell?!?!?!

There were holes in the fire pit. Jake delighted in sticking sticks in the holes, no matter how many times he got yelled at for it *sigh*

And ah, yeah...SO, we went down the road. We'd had so much rain, that the entrance to the campground was flooded from the lake over flow. The kids thought it was great (the road was about an inch or two deep with water) They are splashing around, having a good time, and I look over and see Liv, squating and peeing in the water! At first I thought, well, at least she didn't do it in her pants, but no, she did. Apparently she started to pee, realized she shouldn't, and pulled her pants down *sigh*

Here's my handsome river rat, playing with his plastic boat in the water. Both kids had SO much fun playing in this!

I just thought this was cute =)

Brett took Josey and Jake, separately, out to the lake to do some fishing at dusk. Josey caught her first fish!!! When Jake went, they were jumping all around, but Jake didn't catch anything.

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