Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday, June 6th-On our way home from Dilentment...and attempting a group shot LOL

So, on the last day, we decided to get out and get a group shot but neither Josey nor I could find the timer on my camera. These pics are what were taken instead LOL.

So, if you look in the background, I am dusting off the imaginary ants off her pants, while she's screaming, and Jake is pointing and laughing. Can you just guess who told her she had ants on her pants???

Hello? Is this thing on?!?!?!?

Got it! NOPE, not this time....

Now, I am attempting it, and failing...The kids are running around, Brett is getting eaten alive by mosquitos, and I am getting aggravated.

TA DA!!! It worked!!! lol

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